Re: NVDA and APA Style

Sandra Pilz

What kind of overload are you trying to minimise?  Is it when you read and reread your paper to edit the text, or is it when you edit the bibliography?

I think using reference software could help with both. I like to use a citation style that creates less verbeage when the text is read back to me. When I am done writing, I can simply change the citation style to whatever I need, for example APA. The Software will then change the in-line citations to the required format. Finally, I have it insert my bibliography at the end of my document. Of course, I still have to check the bibliography and at this point, you might feel there is overload again. I am not sure how you could minimise it at this point.

Also, if your paper is nearly done, it is not really feasible to start using reference software now. But maybe you might try it for your next paper.



Am 16.05.2021 um 16:28 schrieb Kelly, Kathleen:

Thank you, however, I am struggling with the auditory overload of NVDA reading all the characters. I cannot process all the information. 

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