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Hmmm, perhaps whatever he does works.  Like I said with my xp Compaq it crawled on IE just before I donated it to a sighted user.  Firefox it was beautiful.  It was still slow.  It didn’t even have a dvd player.  The person who used it only used it for schooling.  If I had kept it. It would have died perhaps 2011.  Or sooner.  It couldn’t hold jaws 11. I had to go back to ten.


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I don't know why it is working forMike.  It doesn't work here with XP and I haven't heard anything indicating that it works in general.  Perhaps there is something about Mike's machine that isn't standard. 



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I can't believe Drop box still works for xp. I'm glad it still does for those who use it. My xp box died a long time ago!  My very first xp box quit serving me when I started using jaws 11.  It couldn’t handle it. I had to give it to a sighted user. Yes, with it I had drop box.  I was going into chat rooms that used tc conference. The second box I got from a friend. it died shortly after I got my 7 box witch I still have.  I'm happy with 7. If I get or end up with ten so be it.

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oh my gosh dude, chill the f*** out, everyone is different.
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> Yeah but the majority of folks on heredon't use  them POS machines? No.
> I've got nothing else to say. Happy fanagaling guys.
> On 9/11/2016 1:29 PM, Antony Stone wrote:
>> Lino, there's no need to take that sort of tone, especially when you're
>> wrong.
>> It is possible to adjust Windows XP so that it gets updates intended for
>> Point
>> of Sale (POS) terminals, and these continue until April 9th, 2019.
>> You may not wish to continue using Windows XP yourself, but please don't
>> be so
>> abusive (or misinformed) towards those who do, and who know what they're
>> doing
>> to keep it going.
>> Antony.
>> On Sunday 11 Sep 2016 at 18:05, Lino Morales wrote:
>>> Say what? Where the hell did you hear this from MR.
>>> Supported officially ended for XP on APR.
>>> 2014. Its high time you all get off the XP trainwreck. Dropbox did
>>> indeed end their support. Fanagle it to work to your little hearts
>>> content.
>>> On 9/11/2016 6:32 AM, Brian's Mail list account wrote:
>>>> Actually it will let you in with a very old version, but not if its
>>>> running on xp.
>>>> It obviously detects the operating system. They have sent out many
>>>> messages from well over a month ago warning people about this and it
>>>> did actually last an extra day. I see now they are claiming that its a
>>>> security issue with xp as its not been updated for over two years,
>>>> however many of us do have xp  updates till 2019, and really should
>>>> not be all  shoved together with the great unwashed as it seems xp
>>>> users are seen these days.
>>>> Brian
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>>>>> Hi,
>>>>> the update of Dropbox is pushed by one or more entries in scheduled
>>>>> tasks. So it would be possible to stop the Dropbox client to update
>>>>> itself. But as I wrote in my last mail - it didn't matter. Dropbox
>>>>> didn't let you in with an old version of the client.
>>>>> Yours sincerely
>>>>> Arno

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