Re: microsoft word 2-16 and outlook 2016:


Well I managed once to get imap set on my dads via the control panel which touchwood has been the same since office 95.
However after I did all the crazy stuff that was setting up and making sure things were subscribed via imap, the only thing I can't seem to get used to are the message tree view and navigating from folder to folder I do not know how to do this.
If you are happy with ribbons then you can use it.
However to be frank there are still programs like thunderbird which has a lot less clutter.

On 11/09/2016 5:15 p.m., Kenny Peyattt jr. wrote:
Hi how well does outlook and Microsoft word 2016 work with nvda? I am
planning on upgrading to office 2016 soon, and I was wondering how
accessible Microsoft outlook 2016 is.

Kenny Peyattt jr.

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