Re: ducking and how to stop it


well go to sounds and communications and turn that off.
I would also uncheck in skype general options the checkboxes for mic and speaker automatic control.
This is still why I really don't care for ducking or any audio enhancements.
Manufacturers use those for making little speakers sound cool
They end up sucking as far as sspeech goes though.
As for ducking I can see where it would rock, but I can see where it just sucks and most people have ducking all over the place in every place but the right one.

On 12/09/2016 8:20 a.m., ken lawrence via wrote:
Hi NVDA list a question for anyone who is using windows 10 was trying to help a player in games galore with a voicechat game. he was having problems with his TC web conference plugin. was using skype so he could give instructions or hear the game in play, but the web conference plugin audio dropped low as the computer gave skype’s volume priority. we are going to probably end it early since that player lost his connection to me and one other player isn’t here. does anyone know how to tell windows 10 not to duck audio? microsoft answer desk didn’t know. any help for future use will be appreciated.

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