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One huge caveat with my tutorial set: the latest edition is from 2018. Although quite comprehensive, it wasn't updated to talk about NvDA Settings interface and advancements in NVDA such as configuration profile hot keys, Chromium Edge, and countless changes. The tutorial set was also published before Add-on Updater was first released; if there was a 2021 edition of this tutorial set, Add-on Updater might be demonstrated, but then I'll be entering a phase of life (graduate education) that would not be ideal for producing further NVDA tutorials.

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There's a very good tutorial by Joseph Lee called Welcome to NVDA. It's quite comprehensive and well worth taking the time to study.

On 5/17/2021 6:09 AM, Ann Byrne wrote:
On the NVDA there are excellent tutorials--NVDA basic, Word, Excel,
PowerPoint. Each costs about $25 US, and is absolutely worth the cost.
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Does anyone know of any NVDA tutorials? Either in MP3 or text format?--
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