Re: [Solved] office 2019 and outlook

Milton Charlton

Desktop Outlook 2019 New Email: NVDA does not announce selections in autofill window. Strange mouse behaviour in autofill window.

I posted the same problem on  May 13  #83951

With NVDA Off: After typing part of the name of the addressee, I can pick an email address from the autofill suggestions list by using up/down arrow keys or mouse cursor.  Click with mouse on the selection or hit Enter to enter the selection to the TO: space.

With NVDA on: NVDA announces “Form Regions” when mouse cursor is placed in the TO: space. After typing part of the name of the addressee one can pick an email address from the autofill suggestion list by using the Up/Down arrow keys and can hit Enter to enter the selection into the TO: space. 

              PROBLEM #1: NVDA does not speak out the email addresses in the autofill list when they are selected by the Up/Down arrow keys.

              PROBLEM #2: If the mouse cursor is moved to the autofill list, one of the email addresses gets entered in the TO: space without clicking on it or hitting Enter.  If the list was long and contained addresses from several people, email could be sent to the wrong person.  This does not happen with NVDA off.  The same thing happens in Narrator.

Please note that this is not a problem getting autofill suggestions; that is working well.  Nor is it a problem with differences between autofill and contacts.


Can anyone suggest a fix or workaround?
I am trying to develop an audio only computer.



Outlook 2019 desktop Version 2104 build 13929.20372   MSO 16.0.13929.20206

Windows 10 Pro Version10.0.19042 Build 19042

NVDA 2020-4   Add On: Outlook Extended 1.6



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