Re: NVDA running on a budget laptop

Luke Davis

On May 16, tim wrote:

you can find computers with 1tb ssd all day on amizon and newegg.
And and

Even if you have to get a system with spinning drives cheep. You can get a 1tb ssd drive for under $70 at both of the above places. And just install it there not that hard.
Actually, in some HP Streams (I do not say all, because I do not know) it can be very hard. And can require replacing, for example, the WIFI card with the drive (M2 II format), and then using a USB based WIFI adapter.

I speak from experience of trying to upgrade the SSD on a Stream.

So if you are thinking of upgrading one, google for the experience others have had doing the same upgrade to that exact model number.

Now, I will confess, that this was a Stream X360, so it was starting out behind the curve to begin with, and I probably shouldn't blame the whole line. However, HP never should have sold some of those early streams; and that made me doubt the integrity of the line as a whole.
My experience with Streams was enough to say never again, even if later models improve.
There are too many better options.

All that said, the last time I worked on it, it ran NVDA with eSpeak just fine along with OpenOffice, real office, etc.


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