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Cearbhall O'Meadhra

Good idea, Chris! I'll add that.

All the best,


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That's a good tip, I hadn't realised the search criteria would be retained without pressing enter and getting the full context of the first occurrence is much better. Perhaps you should mention the option to wrap to the other end of the document after no more occurrences of the search criteria are found This occurs when searching in either direction.


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Subject: [nvda] FW: Success! How to search in Word 2010 with NVDA

Daniel and friends,

My colleague, Ronan McGuirk and I have worked out a procedure almost identical to that which Daniel has just posted. However, when we were testing this, we found it best not to press the enter key after typing the search word as you then only hear the actual word but not the full line in which the word is located. Not pressing enter means that when you press the escape key, you are placed at the same point on the screen where you started. Pressing control-PageDown then places you on the first occurrence of the search word and NVDA speaks the whole line containing the search word.

Here is what we propose:

How to search in Word 2010 with NVDA 2016.3.

Use the normal NVDA focus mode for editing not NVDA browse mode.

This approach lets you search forward from your current position in the document.
If you want to search the entire document move to the top.
press control F and type the search term. Don't press enter.
press escape
This will return you to the document in edit mode at your start
position. Every occurrence of your search term is highlighted in the document.
Press control-pagedown repeatedly to hear the search results in context one by one.
Press control-pageUp repeatedly to go back up through the list of results.

I tested this with Word 2010 and NVDA 2016.3 on Windows 8.1. It seems to work reliably.

I think Word 2013 is a little more obvious, but at least this is a better solution for Word 2010.

In summary then:
1. Press control+f
2. Type some text to search for
3. Press escape
4. Press control+pageDown

Repeated presses of control-PageDown or control-PageUp will move back and forth to the nearest line where the search text has been found and speak the whole line.

All comments welcome,

All the best,


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