weird issue with windows 21h1



Well today I decided to install the latest windows feature update.

I checked for updates.

It loaded everything fine.

I then went to install the feature update.

I got error 0x08000fff immediately which was strange.

The update however did install without a problem.

On restart though I get a please wait from windows update sfc and dizm havn't done much but its not like its all dead, the system works.

I tried uninstalling, restoring and trying again.

Same thing, I tried on my asus desktop which had the update, it didn't happen and everything worked as expected.

In the short to medium term even long term its not bad, I have latest drivers for my display and chipset, as well as audio according to hp which is realtech.

The update and restart and update and shutdown boxes exist, but its not like the system aint going to run.

As long as I can install updates manually I guess it will be ok.

One thing's for sure though I will hold off on updating my media backups, those are 20h2 or 2004 and probably I don't need to bother updating them I guess.

Not ssure what I will do.

One thing I will not do is ring microsoft tech support.

To many bad memmories.

The system works, it boots and its not broken.

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