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Kevin Cussick

it does not have SSD. it is some sort of built in solid state drive You can not swap it out. so yes I suppose it is not a SATA drive butt not the SSD I am thinking about anyway I have said all I am going to say on this machine.

On 16/05/2021 22:40, David Moore wrote:
I only use Eliquence and eSpeak! With NVDA and Zoom, runs like a top, the HP Stream has an SSD drive!
On Sun, May 16, 2021, 5:22 PM Gene <gsasner@... <mailto:gsasner@...>> wrote:
Too slow for what and what were you using for a synthesizer?  If you
were using computer intensive voices as opposed to something like
Eloquence or E-speak, the machine may have been unresponsive to the
point of annoyance. If you were using Eloquence or E-speak, it may
not have been.  I’m not saying anything about the machine; I have no
opinion of it.  But I think that if people make such comments, they
should state what they used the machine for and what synthesizer
they were using with which screen-reader.
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I had this machine and threw it in the bin!   just to slow.
On 16/05/2021 01:46, Monte Single wrote:
> If you could even move up to a low end icore 3 or 5 processor,  the
> difference would be noticeable.
> In a machine like you describe, and if I had only one choice, I
> go for a better processor instead of more ram.
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> I am looking to purchase a second, low cost and compact laptop
for some
> upcoming travelling. I only expect to be running NVDA, basic web
> browsing, email using MS Outlook and simple word processing. I don't
> know how much MVDA uses in terms of processing resources and
would like
> some advice. I am considering the following laptop:
> HP Stream Pro 11 G5, Celeron N4000 / 1.1 GHz, Windows 10 Pro 64-bit
> National Academic, 4 GB RAM, 128 GB EMMC, 11.6" Display 1366 X
768 (HD),
> UHD Graphics 600, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth - Kbd: US - 5VD62UT#ABA
> Does anyone know if this configuration will perform well enough or
> should I move up to another level of processor?
> Thanks for any input.
> Jeff

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