Windows 10 Mail app still problematic

Brian Crabtree <pandbcrabtree@...>

I have tried out the Windows 10 add-on 16.09.1A with NVDA 2016-3 and the latest version of Windows 10 and still find the following problems:

- as I start the app, it speaks the initial focus, but then reacts to nothing until I use Alt plus Tab to go out and back in. I tried Escape, F 6, Tab, arrows, etc

- as I read an email or read back the text of a reply that I am about to send, it says "edit" before every line, including the blank ones. This is for every line, not just at the start of a new paragraph.

- it does not speak as I type, whether in a new email or when replying or forwarding. It will read what I have typed when I use nvda plus A or arrow up and down and it will speak each letter if I arrow left and right to correct an error.

Could I ask Joseph or others if these things are in the plan for a later release of the add-on?

Finally, Microsoft has still not implemented my top requirement: to be able to change the names of the key folders (sent, drafts, trash) to match those used by the server. This means I get 2 versions of, for example, the sent items folder, which is totally useless. I will send a Feedback to them, but if anyone has heard that they do plan to make this improvement I should be grateful for a word to the wise. Brian Crabtree

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