Re: How to use NVDA to navigate and use text boxes inserted in MS Word


what is text box?
and is there any shortcut to navigate between all of the text box as
we navigate between links and headings in web browsers and microsoft
word using brows mode?

On 5/19/21, Quentin Christensen <> wrote:
Text boxes in Word are not good practice, and we recommend avoiding them.
Word's accessibility checker also flags them as problematic, and not just
for NVDA.

If you want data in boxes, with or without borders around the text, you
should use tables.

You can get to the text boxes via the accessibility checker:
Alt+r, then a, then 1, then a again. Down arrow to the "Image or text not
inline" in the treeview, expand that and select a text box and press
enter. You can then tab between additional text boxes.

You can also get there by adding another text box - alt+n, x, then escape
from editing the new text box but keep it selected, and tab to others.

In fact the accessibility checker mostly complains about it not being
inline, but even inline text boxes aren't easily read, they just appear as
"slash" when reading. If you select the "slash" you can press enter to go
into it and read it, but note that it still isn't proper text - eg if you
press control+a to select everything in the document, and copied it into
say notepad, you'd lose the text boxes and all their content.

Kind regards


On Tue, May 18, 2021 at 10:54 PM Rowen Cary <>

Hello Everyone,

I want to know how NVDA should interact with the text box in Word. If you
want to insert a text box, you can open the Word document and press Alt +
N, X in turn.
Is there any information to indicate this?
Sorry, I can't access the text box well using UIA and non-UIA.
However, many resume templates use it, and we should be able to interact
with it easily.


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