Re: words with no spaces on this web page?

Patrick Le Baudour


when checking html code, it goes like:
Thank<!-- --> <!-- -->you<!-- --> <!-- -->for<!-- --> <!-- -->your
and so on...
each word and each space seems separated by an empty html comment,
it seems that single spaces between two comments are at some point ignored.
testing with brave, replacing spaces by "&nbsp;" for instance, solves it.

-- Patrick

Le 20/05/2021 à 06:14, Sarah k Alawami a écrit :
Hello. You can access this web page <>  to see what I’m talking about. When I explore the page, I get words with no spaces, yet the sighted person sees words with spaces. I’ve been in touch with the expo guys, and they have been in touch with their developers who did this form and the site, and they suggested I use chrome, that failed, and brave failed. Here is an example of what I’m seeing.
ThankyouforyourinterestinparticipatinginFlightSimExpoonSeptember24-26,2021inSanDiego,California. The form where the radio buttons read correctly.  The section reading “In-Person Registration - All Weekend ($70.00)” reads correctly as well, but what should I tell them about what’s going on. Narrator shows each word as a separate element by the way.
Take care.

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