Re: words with no spaces on this web page?

Luke Davis


In Firefox, the text on this page appears fine, whether clicking the "resend invitation" link as others did, or not.
(I'm not sure why others thought they needed to click that? arrowing down clearly shows the rest of the page to a screen reader.)

In Brave, however, I find exactly the behavior you describe, which makes this either (1) a problem in Chromium based browsers; (2) a problem in this page's CSS for Chromium based browsers (unlikely); or else (3) a problem with NVDA's virtual buffer code for Chromium browsers.

Viewing source in Brave reveals that text formatted with spaces, yes, but also with HTML commented out spaces, as well.
Here is what it looks like:

Thank<!-- --> <!-- -->you<!-- --> <!-- -->for<!-- --> <!-- -->your<!-- --> <!-- -->interest<!-- --> <!-- -->in<!-- --> <!-- -->participating<!-- --> <!-- -->in

I have no Godly idea why anyone would do that in an HTML document; it can't serve any external formatting purpose. It may do something for whatever writes their code, but you could ask them to cut it out.

I still don't know why this fools NVDA into thinking there are no spaces at all, because there clearly are. I suspect the comments are confusing a parser somewhere along the line.


Sarah k Alawami wrote:

Hello. You can access this web page  to see what I’m talking about. When I explore the page, I get words with no spaces, yet the sighted person sees words
with spaces. I’ve been in touch with the expo guys, and they have been in touch with their developers who did this form and the site, and they suggested I
use chrome, that failed, and brave failed. Here is an example of what I’m seeing.

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