Re: Screen Reader Compatibility with Third Party Website(s)


I don’t see any reason why Windows version should make a difference.  Most sites work well in both Chrome and Firefox.  But if a site doesn’t, those who want the best chance of getting better or good access should have both on their machine. 
It doesn’t matter what the default browser is.  All that having a browser be the default means is that it opens when you do something like follow a link from an e-mail.  It doesn’t affect a browsers performance in any way aside from that. 

Sent: Thursday, May 20, 2021 11:02 AM
Subject: [nvda] Screen Reader Compatibility with Third Party Website(s)
Hello NVDA Group,

If a particular website and NVDA were compatible on a Windows Seven
computer, is it highly likely the same will be the case if used on a
Windows 10 computer with Chrome rather than FireFox as the default

Thank you for your input in advance.

David C. Russell

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