Screen Reader Compatibility with Third Party Website(s)

David Russell <david.sonofhashem@...>

Hello NVDA Group,

First, thanks for your responses to my query.
Second, I downloaded NVDA (current version) and the third party
website was able to be utilized as before.
I suppose there are several of us who prefer using one browser, and or
one screen reader, that works well when necessary most or all the

If MS Edge and other MS products receive less than stellar reviews by
tech or anti-virus sites, is not one putting their device at risk by
relying on only adequate computer ware?

NVDA went up significantly in my likeability as a result of this
experience between it, Narrator and the third party website.
I don't want nor need a bunch of extra 'stuff' on my computer..
Thanks again!

David C. Russell, Author

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