Re: Help Wanted With The Command Prompt On Windows

JM Casey

What exactly are you typing in, or pasting?
That is the message you get when the command is invalid or there is no executable in the set path with that name. So the error explains exactly what is going on. But you say it happens every time so I assume you are trying different things?

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Subject: [nvda] Help Wanted With The Command Prompt On Windows

I'm having problems with the command prompt on windows.
I get in to the command prompt window by typing CMD in to the run dialog box and press enter.
I then hear: Administrator: windows system 32CMD .x terminalB user Ibrahim Now, when I type anything in to the box and press enter, I always get the message saying: command is not recognized as an internal or external command.
Even when I paste something in to the box, I get the same message.
What exactly is going on here. What am I not doing properly. So, how can I use the command prompt.
I've never used it before now.
Hope my issue is very well understood.
Thanks for your help.

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