Re: Help Wanted With The Command Prompt On Windows

Ibrahim Ajayi

Hi JM Casey:
Maybe you can help me better.
Actually, I am trying to root my Android phone, and I am expected to
type in some commands in to the CMD window. I have to have my phone
connected to my computer.
I do al these, and I type the appropriate commands, and I get the
messages I spelt out in my earlier mail.
That is the issue. I've tried doing this several times.

On 5/22/21, Brian Vogel <britechguy@...> wrote:
And, as a diagnostic test, use a simple command
as the thing you either type or paste in, then hit enter.  DIR has been a
valid Windows command for as long as windows has existed.  And if you've
opened Command Prompt with admin privileges, and are sitting in
C:\Windows\system32 you will get a long stream of results from the DIR

Command prompt is not case sensitive.

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