NVDA not reading content on a webpage


This is likely for the devs on this list. This is a very recently
discovered problem--as in tonight recently--so I'll be looking more
into it as time permits, but my sister is here from Chicago this week
so there won't be much. I'm sorry. It's a long read.

The website I'm working with is friendsinart.org. I have a plugin up
there called S2Member Pro that helps process Paypal payments. The
really weird problem I'm having is that if the visitor join the site
as a guest, and then decides to join as a student or full member and
is logged in so as not to have to fill out all their info again from
square 1, & clicks the appropriate link, ie,
friendsinart.org/full-membership, for example, NVDA does not read, nor
does it allow focus to, the 'submit' button. It can be navigated to
using object nav, though it can't be activated in that manner. Even
weirder, this appears to happen only on Chromium based browsers.

Jaws reads the submit button well and can give it focus.

So, to replicate using a chromium-based browser like Edge or Chrome:
1) Register w/friendsinart.org by clicking the 'join as a visitor'
link, or go directly to:
2) Activate the link you receive to generate your new password.
WordPress suggest one, but it's never memorable, so just select the
text and type your own.
3) Once you've done that, log into the site.
4) click the full membership link.
5) Look for the 'submit button. It won't be there.

It does work when you're not logged in.

If anyone could give me some insights as to why NVDA isn't reading
this, and, more importantly, anything I can do in the interim to fix
it, that'd be great. If you'd like me to delete your username after
you've tested, feel free to contact me privately.

Sorry for such a long post, and thanks for reading and/or any help you
can provide.

BTW, this is on a windows 10 machine, home edition, 20h2, 19042.985.
NVDA 2020.4, latest Chrome.

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