IMPORTANT NOTICE: GoldWave 21.06 will be the final version of the add-on maintained by me


Hi all,

Apologies for this short notice:

A few days ago I announced that, due to the next phase of my life (graduate school), I won’t be able to maintain most of my add-ons from September 2021 onwards. As a result, I plan to release final versions of add-ons I will maintain this summer (southern winter).

The first add-on to be discontinued is GoldWave. As one of the first add-ons from me (development began toward end of October 2013) and an add-on I had practical experience with (I’m a GoldWave user), it led to improved productivity for GoldWave audio editor users. But due to upcoming life changes, I will not be able to maintain this add-on past August 2021. Therefore:

GoldWave add-on 21.06 will be the final version to be released by me. Development on GoldWave add-on will cease from that point, with official maintenance ending on August 1, 2021. Upcoming 21.06 will include localization and compatibility updates and will be released shortly after NVDA 2021.1 beta 1 is released.

Thank you to everyone who sent in countless feedback for the last eight years. I’m sure members of the NVDA community will find ways to make GoldWave add-on a superb add-on for years to come.



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