Numpad Nav Mode add-on updated for 2021.1 compatibility!

Luke Davis

Hi all

To anyone who has been, or wants to start, using the Numpad Nav Mode add-on: it has now been updated to verify compatibility with NVDA 2021.1. It therefore works with latest alphas, and will work with the upcoming beta.

Updated version available at:

It will be updated on the NVDA add-ons site after beta is released.

If you are not familiar with this add-on, here is a brief description:

This add-on allows switching the numpad between NVDA navigation mode, and Windows navigation mode.
This can be especially useful for laptop users who prefer laptop mode, but who have a numpad and want to use it for arrow keys, page up/down, and home/end.
It may also be valuable for desktop users coming from JAWS, who prefer commands like NumpadInsert+Numpad2 for read to end.
And since the mode can be changed with a keypress (Alt+NVDA+NumpadPlus, by default), the numpad can easily be used for object navigation or review when desired.



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