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Sandra Pilz

Hi Quentin,

Thank you for your reply. When I press one of the cursor routing buttons on my Braille display, NVDA doesn't place the cursor to where I'm trying to route it. It doesn't work, regardless whether Braile tethering is set to automatic or to focus.

This happens on both my Mantis and my Handytech display.

When Braille Extender is active, NVDA will say the letter I'm trying to route the cursor to, but the cursor doesn't actually move. When I try it without any addon running, nothing happens, the cursor will stay put.



Am 17.05.2021 um 06:32 schrieb Quentin Christensen:

Do you mean Braille isn't following the focus?  I haven't checked, but you could try NVDA+control+t to change where Braille is tethered.  See the user guide section here:

Kind regards


On Sat, May 15, 2021 at 9:37 PM Sandra Pilz <sandra914481@...> wrote:


I am running the current version of NVDA and have an Office subscription. I also have a Mantis Q40. For me, cursor routing doesn't work when editing presentations. Is this a known problem or can I do something to make it work?



Quentin Christensen
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