Re: Numpad Nav Mode add-on updated for 2021.1 compatibility!


Hi all,

Rest assured that add-on developers are working hard to prepare their add-ons for NVDA 2021.1, and Add-on Updater is no exception. I expect a flood of add-on updates will occur shortly after beta 1 is released. Due to changes in NvDA that will affect Add-on updater itself, I expect it will be one of the first add-ons to be updated to support the next NVDA release – I’ll provide more details once the next version of Add-on Updater is released, the version compatible with NVDA 2021.1.




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On Sun, May 23, 2021 at 06:31 PM, Louise Pfau wrote:

Add-on Updater . . .  Will it recognize the update to Numpad Nav Mode?


My understanding is that 2020.4 will recognize anything compatible with a later version as compatible with it, but that when 2021.1 arrives it will not recognize as compatible anything not explicitly annotated as such.

My expectation is that we'll end up having a few burps because add-ons annotated as compatible up to 2020.4, but that should be entirely compatible with 2021.1, will be flagged because their manifests (the thing where compatibility with specific NVDA versions is designated by the authors and checked by NVDA itself) will not necessarily have been updated yet.

In the end, there's nothing any end user can do to fix this beyond reporting something being flagged as incompatible when 2021.1 is officially released, or better yet when its beta version(s) and release candidate(s) are released so that everything is cleaned up before the full release.

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