MalwareBytes Premium Reporting Possible False Positive With a File in the Acapela Colibri Voice Bundle

David Goldfield

Hello. Using Windows 10 Pro, 21 H1 with NVDA 2020.4. I’m also using the Acapela addon with several voices, including the Colibri bundle which is a collection of their lower quality voices. Recently, my instance of MalwareBytes Premium 4.3.0 detected a file in the Colibri package as malware. I reported this to Acapela but so far I’ve received no response. I attempted to report this on their File Detection forum which is where they ask for such reports. Their site has a few accessibility challenges but I’m more or less able to get around them but my message will not be accepted, for reasons which are not entirely clear to me as they have no accessible error handling. Writing to support@... generates an automated response advising me to submit support tickets online, which is what I just attempted to do prior to sending the email. Aside from removing MalwareBytes from my system, which is very tempting, I’d like some other suggestions as to how I can report this. I’m considering using Virustotal to see how many other red flags they report and that if few are found I can just add the offending file to MB’s allow list. However, this won’t really solve the problem of MB reporting this as malware if, in fact, it is not.

Here is the relevant extract from MB’s notification about this.

-Blocked Malware Details-

File: 1

Malware.Heuristic.1003, C:\Users\david\AppData\Roaming\nvda\addons\Acapela TTS Voices for NVDA - CO voices\bin\Colibri.dll,

The problematic Colibri bundle can be found here. However, the main Acapela driver must also be installed in order for the bundle to even work.



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