Re: How to use NVDA to navigate and use text boxes inserted in MS Word

Quentin Christensen

Oh that control+alt+5 works well.  So many workarounds for something which ideally would have worked in the first place :)

I'm guessing that you've worked out the answer to your previous question about filling in text boxes Rowen, but for anyone else wondering - once you navigate to a text box, eg control+alt+5 then tab to the one you want, press ENTER to go into it in edit mode.  You can then edit the text as you need.  You can select all the text in the text box with control+a.  Once done, press escape.

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On Fri, May 21, 2021 at 1:03 PM Rowen Cary <manchen_0528@...> wrote:
I have a new view. In the MS help file, I learned that you can use ctrl+alt+5, which seems pretty good.
Thank you everyone

Quentin Christensen
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