Re: Any NVDA command for announcing slide layout type in PowerPoint?

Quentin Christensen

There isn't an NVDA command for this, however you can find out with:

1) Press ALT+H to open the Home ribbon
2) Press L for layout.

The layout options open (so you can use the arrows to choose a new layout) and the current layout is the selection option which is read out.

To leave the current layout as-is, press alt to close the ribbon again.  Or use the arrows to change the layout to something else.  Exactly how this affects existing placeholders varies, but I did write a little about it in the Microsoft PowerPoint with NVDA module:

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On Sun, May 23, 2021 at 9:49 PM Kakarla Nageswaraiah <nageswara1982@...> wrote:
Dear all,
As the subject line says, I want to know if there's a NVDA command to
know the slide layout type in PowerPoint.
Kindly respond with NVDA-specific keyboard shortcuts for PowerPoint.
Thanks and regards.

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K. Nageswaraiah

Quentin Christensen
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