Re: MalwareBytes Premium Reporting Possible False Positive With a File in the Acapela Colibri Voice Bundle


Tell that to microsoft.

Microsoft has flagged so many things as a virus that I simply exclude a bunch of things by default.

On 24/05/2021 5:18 pm, Quentin Christensen wrote:

The other point to make is that if you simply whitelist any program which gets a false positive, it also adds the possibility, however remote, of that program getting a real virus which goes unnoticed because you've told your AV to ignore it.

AV programs usually don't flag any given genuine program very often, and as Brian noted, they can usually rectify it within a few days.  I can think of maybe three or four times in the last six years where I've been notified that an AV program (usually different ones) have falsely flagged a build of NVDA, including alpha builds - and given most users run ONE AV program, that's one issue in six years IF you happened to use one of those specific programs and the particular NVDA build flagged.  I don't know how many AV programs there are, but for reference, VirusTotal tests against 88:

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its been abandond
Still doesn't matter, as the scanner makers are able to do their own analysis to determine whether the positive is real or false.  If they determine it's false, the definitions are updated not to flag that specific piece of software for anyone again.

I can't tell anyone that they must report  suspected false positives to the various scanner makers, but you're doing yourself a favor and a kindness for many, many others if you do this and they respond by making a change to stop the flagging.

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