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On Mon, May 24, 2021 at 11:07 AM, heike67 wrote:
Your post doesn't answer my question, if we'll be notified of updated addons?
As Chris said, I posted an admin notice about this several days ago, and just refreshed it now.  In addition, there was an actual topic from someone asking what you've asked, and the question was already answered.

The membership here is expected to be proactive and review topics, all of them, to see if something they're about to ask has already been asked and/or addressed before doing so.

I feel confident that as specific add-on manifest updates occur that will be announced here either by the add-on developer or their chosen messenger.

The one thing I absolutely do not want is an endless stream of, "Will my add-ons be updates?," and, "Will we be notified about it?" topics.  The answers are Yes and Yes.

This topic is now locked.  Please, everyone, don't flood the group with questions regarding add-on updates during this shake-out period!

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