Re: Keyboard not acting normal

David Griffith

The first suggestion is to switch from NVDA to Windows Narrator Control windows and Enter and see if the problems persist.

If it does it becomes possible that this is a hardware fault - have you had any spillages?
To confirm this you could plug in an alternative keyboard - any USB will do for diagnostics and see if you regain your arrow keys then.
This would pretty much confirm a hardware fault if it clears the problems.
If you have had a spillage then a period of drying out may help but not guaranteed.

If Narrator interacts with the keyboard without problem then a clean re-install of NVDA would hopefully remove the problem.

David Griffith

on Windows 10.

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Hi Group,

My keyboard has not been acting normal since yesterday.
I cannot use the arrow keys. Only the left arrow key moves.
At first the NVDA key did not work but later misteriously started to work. I rebooted a few times hoping itcorrect itself I am having a hard time writing this message.
Any ideas why this is happening and how to correct this?
will corect

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