Add-on Updater 21.05.1 #addonrelease


Hi all,

Add-on Updater 21.05.1 is now available with localization updates and making the add-on compatible with just released NVDA 2021.1 beta 1. Until further notice, you must install it manually from the following link (scroll down as to why):


IMPORTANT: for now you MUST apply this update manually. If you do apply it manually, you must disable add-on update checks until further notice (NvDA Menu/Preferences/Settings/Add-on Updater, turn off “Automatically check for add-on updates”) as Add-on Updater may offer earlier releases that are not compatible with NvDA 2021.1. I’ll provide an update once Add-on Updater itself notices a new version of itself on its own, or if you have 21.05.1 manually installed, an earlier version of Add-on Updater is no longer offered. The alternative is modifying add-on manifests manually, something I advise many should not do because there are add-ons that will not work even if you do modify add-on manifest to make them “compatible”.




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