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Hi jacky.

Yeah, I agree, drinking and eating near the board, I never do it.

You can knock things over so easily.

Sightlings do it to.

I still don't know how some of my family can read the screen of their tablet, work on their computer, drink coffee and eat musly all while talking on the phone to someone down the other end of the house I certainly can't see my self doing it.

I have tried to do it and made a mess of myself so no.

I have to many things about on my system to actually think about eating near it.

Now eating near your smart device with it a certain distance away maybe but the board, yeah its a problem.

While flatting in fact thhe system had a lot of issues, people used cd drives as cup hholders, there was food inside of the computer and so I can't be that bad.

However for a while my brother ate dinner and all meals ner the computer and I never had the issue of him spilling food though he left his rubbish for weeks on end but yeah, I'd never do it.

Just today I was resetting the entire network and I have probably knocked something off the desk, maybe its a phone but I can't find it, its not a big issue someone else can bother with it later but even so.

On 25/05/2021 6:24 am, Jackie wrote:
When I did adaptive technology in a previous life, I always said
blindies & keyboards don't mix well. Truthfully, sighted folks &
keyboards don't mix well either.

On 5/24/21, Nevzat Adil <> wrote:
Hi all,

Thank you so much for the leads.
Obviously is the keyboard, because when I attached another one to my
HP laptop all is fine.
Yesterday I had a teacup next to my laptop with very little liquid at
the bottom and having forgotten it was there I knocked it and the
liquid went to the bottom of my laptop. I dried both the bottom of the
laptop and the desk immediately but obviously some got inside the
Many keys did not work properly at the beginning, but later they began
acting right. Now only the arrows do not work right, but I imagine
after a while they'll start working, too when all is dry.

On 5/24/21, Shaun Everiss <> wrote:
What keyboard is it.

Could be drivers, could be windows could be anything.

Firstly clean the board.

I know some boards can get a bit sticky at times.

I ended up using a vacuum with a small attachment and doing a gentle
suck over the board.

I also turned it up side down and gave it a really good shake over a
desktop and vacuumming that and the issues I have had are a lot less.

As I have a skin condition where skin tends to shed a lot my board does
need regular clearing of extras.

The next thing I'd check if wired is the condition of the wire, I have
had broken wires before.

Also I'd check the condition of the board, while mechanicals may not
have a high failure rate membranes could simply be warn out.

If this is wireless, then if it doesn't work, swapping out the power
cells wouldn't go a miss.

Next depending what it is, doing a factory reset on it followed by a
firmware refresh wouldn't go a miss at all if you have that capability.

On the computer side, I'd then check and update the latest drivers from
the manufacturer site.

Both for the keyboard and if its on usb the usb controlers though that
may need latest latest chhipset drivers though devices will generally
work without those.

I can't speak for logitech but setpoint and logitech options have not
had updates in a while now.

For microsoft their mouse keyboard centre doesn't update much but there
are updates from time to time.

Windows update may have a generic update in optionals or simply there is
a third party update for it.

Usually generic boards don't need software, firmware or drivers though.

Next, I'd run any bios and hardware firmware updates on your system in
case its an input issue, note you may allready have the latest updates

Next, I'd go through the standard sfc and dism checks followed by an
entire reformat though if you need to do the last 3 steps then its
probably worse than that.

Run a virus scan to but again you would have more issues than a board.

Most likely its the keyboard.

Start from the top and move down and down and down the list till the
reformat part.

As a test, try a different board and try that board on anothr system.

If it fails then skip to the end of this list and replace the board.

On 25/05/2021 4:05 am, Nevzat Adil wrote:
Hi Group,

My keyboard has not been acting normal since yesterday.
I cannot use the arrow keys. Only the left arrow key moves.
At first the NVDA key did not work but later misteriously started to
work. I rebooted a few times hoping itcorrect itself I am having a
hard time writing this message.
Any ideas why this is happening and how to correct this?
will corect

Nevzat Adil
Library of Congress Certified
Literary Braille Proofreader
C: 512 502 4403

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