Re: Keyboard not acting normal


No problem.

On the subject with your board if its an internal board, if you are under warrenty then I'd get it fixed.

If not, and you don't absolutely need to use the board I'd just get a couple cheap boards and run it.

If you want flexability the mk 200-400 series wireless logitech or any ms board will do or genius to be honest.

If you need to replace a board then your system will be away for a while getting fixed, the place will charge the cost of the hardware, and the time and other things.

I had this with anothher older laptop, 300 bucks later and 3 weeks I got it back.

The board cost me about 50 bucks, the repairs and extra mark up cost the rest.

Be happy nothing else was dammaged though.

If you know someone that can fix it for you, you can do as my uncle did with a system he has had for the last few years and gone to ebay/ whatever other oction site you use and got a laptop that had been involved in an accident and was being sold off in bits.

It then may only cost the part and delivery, but you will need someone to fit it of course.

On 25/05/2021 7:12 am, Nevzat Adil wrote:
It was after someone mentioned spillage that it occurred to me it
could be the culprit.
Sorry for the inconvenience.

On 5/24/21, Brian Vogel <> wrote:

The fact that you had a spill was your most likely answer to begin with.

This was a vital piece of diagnostic information that should not have been
omitted.  All the other speculation likely would not have occurred had this
been mentioned.


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