Re: Is Oracle Data Management screen-reader accessible?

Quentin Christensen

Ah, Oracle not Orcel - this is why it is important to check the spelling (and ideally provide a link to the company / software) when asking.  I had no idea what you were talking about before, I assumed it was some piece of software I'd simply never heard of.

That document only mentions Jaws, which at least is a good start.  If Jaws have done specific internal work to be compatible with Oracle, then it may or may not work with NVDA.  If it just works out of the box with Jaws, then it likely works out of the box with NVDA too.  I would like to contact them to have them update it... but as with so many large companies, it looks next to impossible to actually reach out to them.  I tweeted to them :)



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Thanks, I never heard of this piece of softwhere.


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I've updated the topic.  Don't bury the lede, as they say!

I don't know whether this specific piece of software is accessible with NVDA, JAWS, or Narrator.  Someone else almost certainly will.

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