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Can you tell us the publication date of this specific article? We (and
especially, I) need this info because Windows 10 keeps changing, and what
may have worked a year ago won't work quite the same. Also, the fastest way
to open Command Prompt or PowerShell in admin mode is pressing Windows+X
followed by A, then saying Yes to UAC prompt

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I really hate to hitup the list for this because I should know it after 2
years of windows10 but I am still a bit baffled.

This is a case of not getting predictible results rather than a case
of not getting it to work at all but I read an article on line about 8 ways
to run commands as admin and it may be a bit out of date or something
because the description of what one should read and what I actually find
don't quite match.

I have tried, for example, pressing the Windows key then the
lower-case c or sometimes co and the search box fills out to "command
prompt". Rather than hitting Enter, I type
Control+Shift+Enter which is supposed to start as administrator.
I do get the warning posed as a question as to whether I want this program
to make changes to my computer. I type Alt-Y and instead of getting the
command prompt, I get another search box with the c or co letters I already
typed. I can add a few more and the box fills out as before to command
prompt. Were I to hit
Control+Shift+Enter, I'll get another warning and question and
yet another search box. I have also got a window open now with my previous
attempt still there.

Sometimes, as I am clearing the mess away, one of the windows will
have a command prompt that is admin, all right and I can use it but this
really isn't right.

The article also described using the context menu which is usually
the NumPad Multiply key and one of the choices there is supposed to be "run
as administrator."

I remember one time actually seeing this screen and it worked but it
seems like you have to hold your mouth just right and think saintly thoughts
because the other times, one sees stuff from the control panel and so help
me, I haven't figured out what events decide whether one gets the beautiful
lady or the hungry lion.

Fortunately, in this case, one choice lets you run a command as
administrator should you be lucky enough to get it and the other choice
which is always much more likely is you get the control panel choices, none
of which are what one wanted so nothing happens.

I realize that a context menu is going to be different depending on
what environment one is in when selecting the context menue but the article
kind of lead me to think that you just opened the search box and then opened
the context menu and obviously, there is something I did or didn't do
because it's usually the wrong context menu.

I've also seen an admin version of the command prompt that looks
normal when I am in my home directory but when I cd to c:\windows 32 or
other system directories, I see Administrator printed and I can run admin
commands, for better or worse.

So, what could I be doing that introduces this unpredictability in
to what should do the same thing every time?

I also do have a copy of the Talking Book Windows 10, the Missing
Manual and what I am describing is probably in there somewhere.

Thanks for any good explanation or recommendation on a good resource.


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