Re: Running Commands with Admin Privilege

Martin McCormick

First, my deepest thanks to each one of you who replied to my
question which, as I said before, I should know the answer to by
"Joseph Lee" <> writes:
Can you tell us the publication date of this specific article? We (and
especially, I) need this info because Windows 10 keeps changing, and what
may have worked a year ago won't work quite the same.
It says that this article was

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Even better, here's the url.

>Also, the fastest way
to open Command Prompt or PowerShell in admin mode is pressing Windows+X,
followed by A, then saying Yes to UAC prompt
We are on to something but I am not sure what just yet.

I wonder if I am not starting out in the wrong place for
some reason.

When I wake the computer from sleep and enter the
login password, if I press nvda+divide, I am frequently on the
desktop. If I press Windows+x, I hear "context menu" from nvda.
Pressing the comma key, yields that strum sound we all love to
hear that means that nothing good, actually, nothing at all just
happened. There is no UAC prompt. Pressing the down arrow gives

Apps and FeaturesPower options, event viewer,system, device
managernetwork connections,disk management, computer management,
Windows power shell, Windows power shell (admin), task manager,
settings, File Explorer, search, run, shutdown or sign out,
and desktop

If one presses the Up arrow just after Windows+x, desktop
is the first thing above Apps and Features. I think they call
this a carousel. I really don't like those because a complex one
can trick one in to going through parts of it more than once,
thinking one is doing something new, sort of the 2021 version of
the little moron jokes that were going around in the late1950's.
Hint. On both sides of a piece of paper, one writes,

"How do you keep a little moron busy? See other side."

When I was six or seven years old, I thought it was
funny. It's still funny unless you are the one sucked in to the
modern version of it.

Anyway, Power Shell (Admin) probably makes you do the UAC
drill, but pressing the Comma just after Windows-x did nothing.

Somewhere, there is a personalize in the control panel
that lets one replace the admin power shell with the Command

I have discovered that Command prompt is good for many
things but Power shell is good for others. From my unix
upbringing, the command prompt as root does it all, the good, bad
and the ugly to borrow a movie title.


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