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A product no longer being supported means nothing in and of itself.  All it means is that it isn’t being updated any longer to adde new features or put in place patches for security vulnerabilities.  I doubt very much that JARTE needs to concern itself with security vulnerabilities.  I t doesn’t do things like run JMacros which Word can be made to do which may introduce security flaws that might be patched in future.  JARTE has many features but it is not a complex word processor.  I see no reason not to use it.
You can use something else, there are accessible or reasonably accessible free alternatives.  They are more complex programs;  You already know JARTE.  While you can get and use another program, if there is no advantage, why go through the trouble? 
I can’t, of course, advise you on whether to use JARTE since I don’t know what you want to do.  I can only say that if you know or learn through discussion here that it meets your needs, I see no reason not to use it. 
And if you can still purchase it for whatever features you may want, I see no reason not to do so. 

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Hello NVDA Group,

To Gene, David, and others interested.

Gene, Jarte was a 'nimble' word processor said to be basic and not
have all the bells and whistles found on MS Word. I believe only
Jarte+ is available for free, or at its cost of under twenty-five US
dollars. Also, the plus version offers spelling error features via the
screen reader mode, and again mimics WordPad. That answers your
question of what I ant it to do for a significant savings: act like MS
Word for a savings of over 50 percent.

The issue of the product no longer being supported is concerning.
Should this raise 'flags' and what might those be?

To David, a friend suggested LibreOffice, too. I note from doing a
Google search, there were issues in 2019 with this program repeating
words, skipping text, and perhaps spellcheck. I did pick up on the
producers being passionate from what I read by them. As a writer, I am
reliant on software working well and together.  These past issues were
said to occur between LibreOffice and either Jaws or NVDA. If you can
allay my concerns to their existence, I will give LibreOffice strong
consideration as it is still active!
I have files on a thumb drive produced in the 2013 version of MS Word.
Jarte will read those. Can one expect the same from LibreOffice?

Excuse me for my wordiness, but I have found that two or more heads on
a matter may be better than one.. Thanks!

David C. Russell, Author

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