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I have it turned on this laptop when I got it.

Don't have to use any passwords. You setup your Microsoft account and local. Then you get win10 startup with your choice of pin, face with ir camera, and finger print. You can turn all that off also to log in how you like.

now here comes the problem. You need the bitlocker key if going to do any resets or restoring from any backups. They are locked to your Microsoft account. That key will let you back in that drive or anyother drive you have bitlocked..

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Hi Louis!


Interesting.  When you say “power on,” does that mean 1) from a restart a.k.a. “soft boot” or 2) an actual cold start by pressing the power button a.k.a. “hard boot” - or both?





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Hello Richard,


I last used bitLocker in 2015.  At that time, bitLocker would ask the sighted for a power on password.  This dialog was completely inaccessible to the blind.  After about 30 seconds, I would enter my bitLocker  power-on password and hope that the dialog box was open.  (Note if the computer was doing updates, then this strategy would fail.) If I entered an incorrect password, the resulting error dialog was also in accessible.  After waiting ten minutes or so, if the computer had not reached the Microsoft account login keyword, I would reboot the machine and try again.  Usually I would find a kind sighted person to help me turn on my computer.  I had to get a sighted person to turn on my computer about 50% of the time.  Microsoft said that they could not make the Bit Locker dialog accessible because Bit Locker runs early in the power-on cycle.


Note, using bitLocker was my employer’s requirement.


BitLocker encrypts your hard drive and is probably a good idea.


I would be interested if there has been any bitLocker progress since 2015.



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Subject: [nvda] Does turning-on "BitLocker" cause any accessibility issues?




I have a PC running Windows 10 Pro 64-bit and NVDA 2020.4.  Soon, I will turn-on BitLocker.  Will doing so trigger any accessibility issues?




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