locked Re: Does turning-on "BitLocker" cause any accessibility issues?


Unless you need drive encryption, as opposed to file and folder encryption where your HIPAA data is stored, you need not use BitLocker.

There are other options, and a very popular one is VeraCrypt  (See Beginner's Tutorial).  It allows you to create what they call a VeraCrypt container, which is just a special type of folder where anything copied into it or saved into it is encrypted, and anything taken out of it or opened from it by the person who created it will be decrypted for their use.  I seem to recall VeraCrypt being discussed on one of the screen-reader-centric groups and its being accessible, but I can't recall for certain.  If it is accessible, it could be far easier to deal with than BitLocker if what has been reported here remains true, and I cannot say whether it does or does not.

Note from me as moderator:  The only reason I'm allowing this topic to continue is because, so far, it's focused on whether or not BitLocker is accessible with NVDA, and details regarding issues with same.  If it takes a turn toward how to use BitLocker (or even VeraCrypt) then that needs to occur on the Chat Subgroup or elsewhere, as neither of those topics is screen reader dependent once it's established that basic accessibility exists.

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