Re: Difficulty accessing links in confidential E-mails with NVDA


Actually, I've been having difficulties w/some links in NVDA for quite
some time now. I often have to use object navigation in order to
activate them. In most cases, it seems as though there are 2 parts, a
"jump" and an activate portion, both of which need to be clicked in
order to activate the link. A little different from Louise's problem,
though perhaps a bit more widely applicable.

On 5/25/21, Brian Vogel <britechguy@...> wrote:
I presume you're using the Outlook email client which, for some reason, is
still "married to" IE for opening links at this time.  This was recently
discussed, but I don't think on this group, as a spin-off of the removal of
IE next June.  Microsoft is going to have to tweak Outlook either to be
"married to" Edge or to use whatever the user has set as the default

Although I know you cannot share confidential material in public.  A mock up
of one of these where the text is a random sentence or two and where you
substitute the real links with something like
would go a long way toward trying to figure out what's going on.

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