Re: Difficulty accessing links in confidential E-mails with NVDA

Louise Pfau

I’ve tried to cover all of the points without quoting the whole message.  All right, I’m using Windows Live Mail 2012, but I thought we weren’t supposed to mention out-of-support software, nor am I having any other issues with it.  I’m using it with IMAP, because my ISP stopped using POP3 when they migrated their interface over to the Google platform.  I’m looking into using Thunderbird, but I was told that I couldn’t import my Windows Live Mail contacts and folders into it with the assistance of Microsoft Accessibility because Windows Live Mail was no longer supported and there was no function to do so.  They recommended I use Outlook and set up an Outlook E-mail, which I don’t need because I have an E-mail address from my ISP in addition to a gmail address.    I think I may have mentioned this in an earlier topic, although I don’t recall if there was a satisfactory resolution.  I don’t know why the links are indicating that they are opening with an invalid address (I’m accessing the links directly from within the E-mail message )in Internet Explorer when Edge is my default browser.

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