locked Re: Does turning-on "BitLocker" cause any accessibility issues?

Luke Davis

JM Casey wrote:

I mean, if the opening dialogue is the same every time, you shouldn’t really need speech feedback – but it would e a matter of estimating when that dialogue
appears, and of course if something unpredictable happens, you wouldn’t neceeessarily know about it. Someone else said they needed sighted help aboug 50% of
the time (I think) which is crazy.
You could also use something like Be My Eyes's Microsoft support option, to contact Microsoft each time you boot. Assuming you have a smartphone.
I wonder how many of those calls people would have to make before MS would devote some time to making that interface somewhat more accessible. Likely wishful thinking.

You wouldn't have to show them the password, just get them to tell you when the prompt is on screen, put down the phone to type it in, and if it fails they can tell you that.


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