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Sarah k Alawami

Actually jarte just came out with a new update a few months ago. I love and use it as my default editor except when I have to use notepad, which is rare now a days.

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Hello NVDA Group,

In 2007, I became aware of Jarte and NVDA when getting a refurbished computer from a Texas-based organization called Computers for the Blind. For those unfamiliar, Jarte was said to mimic the functions of WordPad and go further. It was paired with NVDA on computers provided by this organization.
Since 2019, Jarte has not released new updates nor supported its latest updates. Is there a program that is now promoted to be as user friendly for the vision impaired as Jarte was bestowed with such acolades?

I assume NVDA and Jarte were favored by the above organization as each offered a free version. Thanks in advance.

David C. Russell, Author

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