Re: checklist to perform web accessibility test with NVDA


On Wed, May 26, 2021 at 12:34 AM, Sascha Cowley wrote:
For one, there are many other accessibility issues than those encountered by screen-reader users, and screen-readers are not the only assistive technology in use.
Second, as I'm sure you know, different screen-reader and browser combinations perform differently together on the same website.
Yes, and?

There is no grand unified checklist that handles varieties of accessibility technologies that don't target the same demographics.

And the second is a given so, yes, one could do the typical screen reader checks with any given screen reader, using everything else the same, and have slightly different results.

There is no "NVDA accessible," per se, just like there's no JAWS accessible, Narrator accessible, etc.  There are times when one screen reader or another may work better than another.

You're talking about field test results with a specific screen reader, which is all that can be determined with a single screen reader.  General accessibility standards, previously referenced, are screen-reader agnostic.

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