Re: checklist to perform web accessibility test with NVDA

Sascha Cowley

Again, I know and agree with all of this; I was just responding to the question asked.

On 2021-05-26 18:02, Luke Davis wrote:
Sascha Cowley via wrote:

      Can you explain how accessible with NVDA is different than just regular accessible?
I should have said "just regular screen reader accessible".

For one, there are many other accessibility issues than those encountered by screen-reader users, and screen-readers are not the only assistive technology
in use.
All of that is true. But the OP asked for a checklist specific to NVDA website accessibility.

You are starting at the very broad end of the question. The OP started at the extremely specific and narrow end of the question.

My contention is, that if you follow accessibility guidelines as a whole, and screen reader specific ones if you want, you will end up with a site that is accessible to NVDA, without ever having to have a checklist for specifically making it accessible for NVDA.

I doubt there is any NVDA specific accessibility checklist for websites, because there shouldn't be.
A site should be designed for accessibility. Screen reader accessibility, to be sure, but if you design it to be accessible to NVDA without making it generally screen reader accessible, you run the risk of overlooking general accessibility guidelines.
I don't think NVDA promotes that direction.

Second, as I'm sure you know, different screen-reader and browser combinations perform differently together on the same website.
Of course they do. But again, you should not design a website with that goal in mind, but with general accessibility to all screen readers in mind.
It can be done. The site might not perform ideally in all screen readers, but it can be made to perform adequately in all of them.


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