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OK I've just been doing some bodging erm, testing.
It seems that when dropbox desktop was thrown off near the end of last month and some days this motnth it was still updating the version of dropbox. I have now got all my xp machines logged back in to the deskto app and working with the same folders as before. I also note that when before one tried to log in one was directed to the page saying update your operating system, today you are not and can get to your account. Once this is done if you exit and restart the computer it logs back into the desktop. Either dropbox have relented, or perhaps the latest update has not disallowed xp as an oversight, but I'm not telling them if you don't. It might be that there was an outcry, but I am not rocking the boat.
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Hmmm, perhaps whatever he does works. Like I said with my xp Compaq it crawled on IE just before I donated it to a sighted user. Firefox it was beautiful. It was still slow. It didn’t even have a dvd player. The person who used it only used it for schooling. If I had kept it. It would have died perhaps 2011. Or sooner. It couldn’t hold jaws 11. I had to go back to ten.

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I don't know why it is working forMike. It doesn't work here with XP and I haven't heard anything indicating that it works in general. Perhaps there is something about Mike's machine that isn't standard.


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I can't believe Drop box still works for xp. I'm glad it still does for those who use it. My xp box died a long time ago! My very first xp box quit serving me when I started using jaws 11. It couldn’t handle it. I had to give it to a sighted user. Yes, with it I had drop box. I was going into chat rooms that used tc conference. The second box I got from a friend. it died shortly after I got my 7 box witch I still have. I'm happy with 7. If I get or end up with ten so be it.

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oh my gosh dude, chill the f*** out, everyone is different.
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Yeah but the majority of folks on heredon't use them POS machines? No.
I've got nothing else to say. Happy fanagaling guys.

On 9/11/2016 1:29 PM, Antony Stone wrote:
Lino, there's no need to take that sort of tone, especially when you're

It is possible to adjust Windows XP so that it gets updates intended for
of Sale (POS) terminals, and these continue until April 9th, 2019.

You may not wish to continue using Windows XP yourself, but please don't
be so
abusive (or misinformed) towards those who do, and who know what they're
to keep it going.


On Sunday 11 Sep 2016 at 18:05, Lino Morales wrote:

Say what? Where the hell did you hear this from MR. Supported officially ended for XP on APR.
2014. Its high time you all get off the XP trainwreck. Dropbox did
indeed end their support. Fanagle it to work to your little hearts

On 9/11/2016 6:32 AM, Brian's Mail list account wrote:
Actually it will let you in with a very old version, but not if its
running on xp.
It obviously detects the operating system. They have sent out many
messages from well over a month ago warning people about this and it
did actually last an extra day. I see now they are claiming that its a
security issue with xp as its not been updated for over two years,
however many of us do have xp updates till 2019, and really should
not be all shoved together with the great unwashed as it seems xp
users are seen these days.


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the update of Dropbox is pushed by one or more entries in scheduled
tasks. So it would be possible to stop the Dropbox client to update
itself. But as I wrote in my last mail - it didn't matter. Dropbox
didn't let you in with an old version of the client.

Yours sincerely


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