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Sarah k Alawami

Actually you can still buy jarte to auto correct stuff when you type or spell check. I have not bought it as of yet, but I have edited the ini file to heavily customize the heck out of the program to make it fit my needs. You can even make it sound like a typewriter which helps me actually.

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Hello NVDA Group,

To Gene, David, and others interested.

Gene, Jarte was a 'nimble' word processor said to be basic and not have all the bells and whistles found on MS Word. I believe only
Jarte+ is available for free, or at its cost of under twenty-five US
dollars. Also, the plus version offers spelling error features via the screen reader mode, and again mimics WordPad. That answers your question of what I ant it to do for a significant savings: act like MS Word for a savings of over 50 percent.

The issue of the product no longer being supported is concerning.
Should this raise 'flags' and what might those be?

To David, a friend suggested LibreOffice, too. I note from doing a Google search, there were issues in 2019 with this program repeating words, skipping text, and perhaps spellcheck. I did pick up on the producers being passionate from what I read by them. As a writer, I am reliant on software working well and together. These past issues were said to occur between LibreOffice and either Jaws or NVDA. If you can allay my concerns to their existence, I will give LibreOffice strong consideration as it is still active!
I have files on a thumb drive produced in the 2013 version of MS Word.
Jarte will read those. Can one expect the same from LibreOffice?

Excuse me for my wordiness, but I have found that two or more heads on a matter may be better than one.. Thanks!

David C. Russell, Author

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