locked Re: Does turning-on "BitLocker" cause any accessibility issues?


I'm not gonna say anything more on this topic, except that I think
it's valuable to talk about to a certain extent. However:
1) There are some apps that allow offline scanning, 1 called Voice
immediately comes to mind. You might need to subscribe to the service,
but it does allow you to take a pic of your screen, sans online
processing, and you'll be able to tell thus if you can enter the code.
That's for an IPhone, but I think other apps exist on Android also.
2) I think MS makes BitLocker, so contacting them regarding its
accessibility might end up being fruitful & helping everyone. In fact,
maybe we should all get on that bandwagon.

Sorry, Mr. Vogel. My bad, I won't say anything more regarding this.

On 5/26/21, Øyvind Lode <oyvind.lode@...> wrote:
Bitlocker is definitely not accessible with NVDA or any other screen
My employer insists on bitlocker and I have to estimate when to input
the bitlocker pin code.
It is required to input the bitlocker pin when powering on the laptop
(cold start) or when restarting it.
The bitlocker prompt is consistent though so rarely had issues.
You have to estimate when it is time to enter pin but don't wait too
long because then bitlocker powers down the laptop if no input is
I can't disable this and I can't disable the pin.
This is a company group policy.
So, when it is time enter pin and press enter and if all went well
windows boots up and you hear nvda greeting you when ready to log in
to your windows account.
I've been working from home now over a year with this laptop and never
had issues with bitlocker or needed sighted assistance.
Ok, maybe a couple of times during windows updates since it is slower
to reboot when installing updates and I simply used FaceTime with a
colleague and he told me that the laptop still was installing and
preparing restart.

On Wed, 26 May 2021 at 19:20, JM Casey <jmcasey@...> wrote:

Agreed! Hopefully they are successful in arranging an alternative

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On Wed, May 26, 2021 at 12:55 PM, JM Casey wrote:

trying to suggest that an organisation do thigns differently (or use a
different application) is sometimes just a losing battle – they just won’t

No one knows this better than I do, believe me. I worked in the IT
industry for decades, and even after I'd left it I was on "the other side"
of this battle on more than one occasion.

The OP did say this, "However, it is a requirement of the employer to have
such on a home PC used for remote work (HIPAA)." That was after my having
raised concerns about BitLocker. It is still not entirely clear to me
whether the employer is insisting on BitLocker, which is likely, or just
encryption, which could also be the case.

It is at least somewhat problematic for any employer, particularly if
we're talking "gig work," to insist that anything other than what's needed
to meet the requirements of the law be used. That's why I suggest pushing
back, and that doesn't mean belligerent pushing back. Often something
akin to, "BitLocker has proven to cause accessibility issues that can make
it significantly more difficult for me to perform this job and do other
routine tasks of my own. Would it be possible to use {insert chosen
alternative here} for encryption?" Many of the alternatives are
well-known to those who need to know about them for HIPAA compliance
purposes. The answer might surprise.

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