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Richard B. McDonald

Hi Brian!


Thanks for your below.  I may take this up on the Windows 10 user group, but since I am trying to transition away from JAWS to NVDA I thought to ask it here.  I recognize that the Windows 10 list is not screen reader specific, but most of the people there seem to use JAWS whereas this list is NVDA specific.  Please indulge me a bit further.  I am almost done.


About moving away from the Windows 7 legacy backup method, indeed I know about its pending end-of-life and agree with you that moving to something else is advised.  Once I find a good, accessible, free solution I intend to do just that.  For now, though, I have bigger fish to fry.  No doubt, you can expect many questions coming from me about that “solution” in the near future!





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           I would suggest you might want to take these questions up on the Windows 10 for Screen Reader Users Group.  There are likely to be more folks who are actively using Bitlocker there, and can definitively answer your questions.  This really is out-of-scope for the NVDA group.

           My final word with regard to backup is do not use the legacy Backup & Restore (Windows 7) feature.  Microsoft deprecated the core component of that utility all the way back at Version 1709.  That means that it, like IE, could be pulled at any time of Microsoft's choosing.  Their official statement back then was to choose and use a third-party utility.  Microsoft Announcement of Deprecated Features, including SIB [Backup and Restore (Windows 7), V1709]

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