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Maybe t needs a few improvements in its info sent to screenreaders for those improvements to work, like some way to know when its got to read past a paragraph mark for example.
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I am using LibreOffice and NVDA 2016.3.
In other versions of both applications, I've found various problems and strange behaviors.
To site only one example: in a cell in Calc I have a formula with gives me a result that is formatted with three places at right of the decimal point; NVDA reads much more than the three digits, but when I copy the result to clipboard with CTRL+C and call NVDA+C, NVDA reads the contents of the clipboard, wich is the number withe three digits at the right of the decimal point.
In every update of NVDA I see improvements relating to MS Office, but nothing related with LibreOffice.
I think that since someone is using a free screen reader, it is clear he will probably use a free office suite. So why LibreOffice is not a priority?

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