Locked oracle should take a leaf out of avast's book on ccleaner



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I actually think some companies should do what avast did.

I got a user servey on the program ccleaner.

Its just a servey, they want to know whatever, may as well go on about how bad its been getting.

The chances of getting a responce are 0.

A little while later I got a spaciffic follow up servey.

I again answered it, really another servey.

But no, suddenly I get invited to test ccleaner accessibility.

Avast hired an accessibility consultant, who chatted with me 3 times about my experiences and I told him everything as raw as I could and how bad it was.

Someone was listening because someone actually improved things.

I was only expecting basic interface improvements but yeah, its improved.

I am unsure about the rest of it but I can use ccleaner and toggle settings and the like completely fine now.

There are probably bits I can't get but basic file cleaning, options, system restore and a few other things like startup well that is fine.

My only gripes are huge lists like uninstall programs taking a bit to populate and the program not being responsive but if I wait it will actually do that.

They even tried to and fixed health check but I don't of course use that.

Now not sure about continuation of such but even if they just leave the interface as it is even if this is all they do and never make any more accessibility improvements ever this will actually work.

And thats an example of a company listening to their customers.

Now if it translated through their antivirus and other things, maybe I'd actually handle things with them regularly.

On 27/05/2021 11:32 am, Arlene wrote:

Oh good grief! That is ridiculous and insaine! That’s as bad as a bunch of 3 to 5 year olds wrecking your system.  Although kids at those ages wouldn’t do it not meaning to.  My friend’s sister-in-law works for that horrible company that uses that piece of junk Oracle!  Just 2 weeks ago those same people tested this system. My friend left the page open and there was a place where you can write your feed back. I did ask her permission to do it. When I did I told them about how unfair they were and the person who tested this computer was not understanding.  That was not all. I told them if you are an inclusion company and if you get people who are visually impaired and uses any screen readers such as NVDA or other. Then say so and tell them what softwhere you use and if it doesn’t work then say so. This can’t happen to other visually impaired people who want to apply to your company.  I told them the tec person would not listen to me when I said the computer failed before and tested and waisted our time again.  They never wrote back. 


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That reminds me about my nightmare I had back in 2019.

The microsoft tech didn't want to listen to me and continued saying I needed to update my system even though it was only an optional update.

After it went fruity he insisted it wasn't microsoft's problem, then insisted I had a corrupted user profile, even though I had tried with another account.

His resolution was to reinstall which completely screwed my system.

You know how that ended up.

Obviously he couldn't just tell me, just reformat and its not microsoft's problem but thats basically what it was, he commented I didn't go totally nuts at him like the 8 other users he had call him about the same issue.

I felt I was treated like dirt really and this is from a company that has a supposedly good reccord.

I also had the same issue with another issue I had.

Accessible support techs should be a little better than standard but obviously not.



On 27/05/2021 10:42 am, Arlene wrote:

She tried to phone that company. They sent her to Jaws, Jaws sent her to the company that uses Oracle and Oracle sent her back to Jaws. She then called the company that she tried to apply for and they tested my computer for the third time and it failed its test. The guy was a drip. She told him that computer failed that test 2 other times. He then tested it again and it failed. Even though my friend told him it went in one ear and out the other. I’ll forward her this message. Some companies I tell you! When it comes to blind users They don’t know or do not want to know what a talking screen reader is. If you get the drift! Lol. 


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Hi:  Does your friend know the name of the Oracle Program?  She could try to check with Oracle if she has this information.  If not, it might be helpful to check with some of the blind programming list.



On 5/24/2021 3:57 PM, Shaun Everiss wrote:

Well I wouldn't know,  but oracle stuff does use java.

So in theory if access bridge is active in windows and I think nvda does this anyway, it should work.

There are 2 types, java runtime which is 8. something then there is java 10 up.

The software may have java included with it so it may in fact work.

On the other side, assuming this friend is not doing any administrating of the thing and maybe doesn't have to interact with the software itself then it may be a web based application so it may just run like that.


Java apps are generally accessible as long as they don't use some odd library or something.

Java is used in almost everything so it would be a question of interface.

As for the software itself, not sure but even if its totally inaccessible there is probably a frontend that is.

Thats either via ms access, or the web, or some frontend access app that you can use etc.

Of course if she needs physical access to the software itself its always a bit harder.

But I have never used oracle database software and probably won't ever do so.

But chances are if its got shortcut keys then as long as the screens read and its got a menu or ribbon it can be used.

Even if that doesn't happen if the dialogs work then you could probably access it with keyboard shortcuts.

Even if thats still a no go if this job doesn't require direct interaction with either another database or a frontend, maybe it will accept other databases or file types so maybe excell.


Excell is still a dog I tried it it is however accessible to a point.

Its more the understanding on how to use it and I never ever got the hang of it though this could have been due to poor instruction rather than anything else.




On 25/05/2021 7:01 am, Arlene wrote:

Here is the question a friend asked about a job she’s applying for. Here’s the e-mail with the correct spelling.

Hello, all.

I’m seeking work with t tech as a customer service representative. They use oracle data management software. Is this accessible with either jaws or N V D a? Thanks so much and have a great day. This person called Freedom Scientific and they told her to call the Oracle company. I don’t think they have an idea what Jaws or any screen reader is. Would NVDA work with it?


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